Remington iLIGHT Ultra: The Best At Home Face And Body IPL Permanent Hair Removal System(My Review)

Why Remington iLIGHT Ultra Face & Body Hair Removal System Is So Effective…

The Remington iLIGHT Ultra is FDA-cleared for use on the face and body, giving you safe, at-home treatments that deliver long-term results.

  1. 65,000 Flashes Each bulb delivers 65,000 flashes before the cartridge needs to be replaced, over 2x more than previous models. Remington iLIGHT Ultra Face Body Hair Removal System
  2. Facial Cap -Specially designed to treat female facial hair from the cheeks down, including chin, upper lip, neck, and sideburns.
  3. Body Cap – Designed for safe use on areas below the neck including: underarms, bikini line, leg, arms, chest, stomach and back hair removal.
  4. Faster Treatments – The flash window is 50% larger for faster treatments… with expert results.

Convenient and Effective – No more days of hair removal clinics!  

If you are looking for a permanent hair removal system to use in the comfort of your own home…

that’s proven to work with Long lasting results and easy to use…

and saving yourself from the awkward conversations on the Estheticians table and for far less money…

…than the Remington IPL hair removal system is what you need.

Stop the endless cycle of shaving and waxing…

It’s time for long-lasting hair removal that’s fast, comfortable, and effective.

After just three painless treatments, you can experience up to 94% hair reduction and long-lasting, smooth results…

Many customers have noticed a definite decrease in hair growth within the second treatment.

The iLIGHT Ultra Face and Body device uses technology with output parameters and results similar to professional hair removal devices, at a fraction of the cost.

The Remington IPL Hair Removal System is Fast, gentle and easy to use…

The system has an ultra-fast flash rate that lets you treat areas like your underarms and bikini line in about a minute.

Most people find the treatment sensation comfortable and you never have to take a break between treatments to charge the device.

Shaving only cuts hair at the surface…

The Remington Hair Removal system uses pulses of light energy to disrupt hair growth at the root for permanent hair reduction.

The iLIGHT Ultra Device Technology penetrates deep into the skin to disrupt hair growth at the root. Treated hair will typically fall out within 7-10 days.

The Remington iLIGHT Ultra is not a laser hair removal device, but it is related. It’s an IPL or Intense Pulsed Light.

The ipl hair removal  works beneath the surface of the skin to heat hair follicles and end their cycle of growth.

Who can use the iLIGHT Ultra Face and Body device?

skin tone chart

The iLIGHT Ultra Face and Body device is an over the counter system intended for the removal of unwanted hair.

The Remington iLIGHT Ultra Face and Body Hair Removal System is intended for the use on male and female body hair on underarms, bikini line, legs, arms, chest and stomach.

The Remington iLIGHT Ultra Face and Body device is also intended for use on female facial hair on the cheeks, sideburns, chin, neck areas and above the lip.

  • Do not use the Remington iLIGHT Ultra Face and Body device on eyes, eyelashes or eyebrows.
  • Do not use the Remington iLIGHT Ultra Face and Body device anywhere on the male face, head or neck.
  • Do not use the iLIGHT Ultra Face and Body device on dark skin or over tattoos or dark spots on your skin.

The Remington Face and Body Hair Removal system works best on medium to darker hair colors and will not work on light colored hair like white and grey. It is less effective on lighter hair colors like light blonde or red.

Refer to the Use and Care Guide for a complete list of contraindications and warnings.

laser hair removalFDA cleared and clinically proven…

The iLIGHT Ultra Face and Body device was developed with a leading dermatologist, and was rigorously tested in a multi-site clinical trial.

The iLIGHT Ultra Face and Body device has a built-in feature to ensure your skin is compatible with the device.

What Others Are Saying About The Remington iLIGHT Ultra Hair Removal System…

“It really works .
Got it for Christmas from my husband.
I was very hairy; to the point I would wear long sleeves during summer months.
My armpit hair is completely gone after 8 sections.
Pubic hair gone after 10 sections.
Arms hair gone after 12 sections.
Legs hair almost completely gone. Have done about 13 sections .
Mustache gone after 3 sections ( treatments).
Very pleased.” – Lynn

“It is fantastic!!!!  I absolutely love this thing!!!! I have been using it for a month now. I am using it on my under arms. In the past I had to shave every 1-2 days. I can now go a week before I feel any hair growth and then it is minimal. I love it!” -Becka

“My thick black manly full beard facial hair has been the bane of my existence for so many years now. Tweezing several hours EVERY single night gave me exruciating carpal tunnel. So when I finally could afford this, I prayed so hard it would help me. Its been almost 8 weeks. The freedom from tweezing is emotional. Seeing my face without hair makes me feel like a woman again. So far so good. Im thrilled.”- Julia

“Love the machine. People might not have real expectations for lazer hair removal but I’ve been to the American lazer center, $1000 for just 4in square areas. And you have to drive the, etc. Deal with them losing your appointments. I can do this at home, in minutes and got the same frickin results! Best investment I’ve ever made. The hair is very fine and much of it grows at a super slow rate. Every two weeks, for ~ a year. Even though I have skipped weeks at a time. On the 2nd or 3rd highest setting never tried anything higher. So if you’re planning on going somewhere and paying for $1000s, try this first, it’s the same lazer!” – Hannah

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Hair removal device


Final Verdict: Is Remington iLIGHT Ultra Permanent Hair Removal System Worth It?

laser hair removal machineAnswer: Yes!

Bottom Line:

It works (even on stubborn coarse hair)…

It takes less time than those awkward doctor visits…

And it’ll save you thousands of dollars by avoiding expensive professional hair removal treatments.

Turn your doubts into results!

Final Rating: 4 out of 5 stars

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Remington iLIGHT Ultra Hair Removal System F.A.Q

Q: Where to buy the Remington iLIGHT Ultra Hair Removal System?

A: You can buy Remington directly through the manufacturer through this link.

Q: Is the Remington hair removal system for women and men?

A: Yes! Works great for both.

Q: Can I use the system for facial hair removal?

A: Yes!

Good luck, and here’s to stopping the endless cycle of shaving and waxing!

-Sue Evans